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Commercial Property Opportunities


The Commercial Property database program began in 2008 with the goal of systematically tracking and compiling data on vacant commercial properties throughout Laramie County. Historically, such information was never available and, thus, created a substantial gap in critical data needed by local and state economic development organizations in their attempts to recruit new businesses to the community and to retain existing firms. Four categories of properties are tracked on a quarterly basis: warehousing, retail, office and medical. Commercial properties that are “For Sale”, but not vacant are also included in the program. Even though data is available for the residential housing market, it is not provided as part of this program.

Below are links to individual commercial property opportunities that include: warehousing, retail, office space and medical for sale or lease in Laramie County.

Summary Table
Warehousing Opportunities
Retail Opportunities
Office Space Opportunities
Medical Opportunities

Updated: January 2, 2019

Commercial Property Database

The commercial property database project for Laramie County contains property information such as location, property size, structure type, square footage, market valuation, ownership and current use such as retail, office space, warehousing, medical, restaurant, etc. The database is a download of the County’s Assessor’s database and can be queried in hundreds of ways. For instance, we can compute the amount of retail square footage for the downtown area.

There are 25 commercial properties in the county that are 100,000 square feet or larger. The largest facility is 1,119,750 square feet and smallest is 100,926. These 25 buildings total 5,784,480 square feet and are valued by the Assessor at over $480 million.


This database contains all residential properties within Laramie County and similar to the commercial property database can be queried in any number of ways. It contains all residential properties within sub-divisions across the county. Specifics such as type of residential structure (ranch, bi-level, etc.), average dollar values, the number of units within a subdivision, land square footage, and building square footage are available.

For additional information or requests, please feel free to contact the Wyoming Center for Business and Economic Analysis @ LCCC via e-mail (staff@wyomingeconomicdata.com or phone (307-778-1186).


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